Mount Pinatubo Adventure

Volcanic Ash SpaThermal Mud BathTrekking 4X4 Jeepney Ride

The Mount Pinatubo Experience

For adventure seekers, your journey start and end at the Mount Pinatubo Spa Town in Sta. Juliana Village of Capas, Tarlac. You will board on a 4X4 o -road vehicle and drive for almost two hours to the foot of the crater where you will begin your 8.6 miles trek through rocky solid lahar and rubble.

Your bumpy ride will take you to the small Aeta Village of Tatukan (a local community of indigenous tribe) while passing through its dry riverbeds and natural formations of lahar valleys and canyons that are mostly unreachable by ordinary vehicles. You will be welcomed by the warmth and friendly smiles of the Aetas.

Few miles away from the Aeta village is the hot spring at Tatukan where you will enjoy the thermal mud bath and a 30-minute full body mud pack.

After taking a day ride and trekking up and down the lahar valleys to the crater, you will be brought back to the Mount Pinatubo Spa Town to relax and experience its unique volcanic ash spa with a choice of either a 30-minute sulfur or salt spa. The fi nal pampering is its signature massage called, Pina-Thai-Tsu – a combination of a traditional Thai, Shiatsu and a few massage techniques for a relaxing experience.

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