Ways to maximize your travel miles

travel miles

You consider yourself an explorer and the world is ripe for adventures. But admit it, it’s not easy on the pocket to go global so you try your best to bank on seasonal promos airlines and travel agencies usually come up with. However, if you really are a frequent traveler, chances are you use your Travel Miles to be as cost-effective as possible on your getaways. Whether you’re a newbie or a self-proclaimed mileage expert, here are a few ways you can use this awards system to make your next travel more budget-friendly.

Invest in a Rewards Credit Card

In the world of Miles, if you don’t travel enough, you don’t get as much points as you want. This is where a Travel-Reward Credit Card comes in. Through this, you can earn points when you gas up your car, get your weekly groceries, or indulge in your favorite restaurants. Every point you acquire from valid affiliate purchases can be transferred to airlines or particular hotel chains. You could either get a generic Travel-Reward Credit Card if you’re not really specific to flying with just one airline but if you have an airline of choice, it’ll be worth it getting their card since these usually comes with priority boarding and booking or free bag check-ins.

Compare offers meticulously.

Buying and booking in advance is always better than doing it so close to your target date of departure. In fact, frequent flyers know that last minute airline fares spike up and that offered miles points fluctuate, too. Be sure to not jump the gun when you’re booking a flight; after all, the first offer you see is not usually the best you could find. It pays to exert more effort on comparing prices and points because it could give you an idea on which one best suits your requirements. And keep in mind that when it comes to miles awards, a rate of $0.012 per mile is the average so if it’s more than that, you’d do better paying cash and accruing additional miles.

Travel to lesser known destinations

Steer clear of Boracay, Palawan, Maldives, and other well-known islands and instead, indulge the explorer in you by discovering lesser known natural wonders. With the help of the internet, it’ll be easy to find some of the world’s best-kept secrets- from waterfalls and mountains to beaches and rivers. Using your miles for less in demand destinations or during off peak seasons is another smart way to maximize it. For instance, you can visit Siquijor, Ilocos, and Baguio in the Philippines during the non-summer months of September to November since it’s not as popular as Boracay and Palawan but can still parallel its beauty and will still welcome you without the wet weather.

Use your miles for other purposes.

On seasons when airline prices are not that expensive, you could use your miles for upgrades. For instance, if you’re booking a flight from Los Angeles to the Philippines for a much needed tropical getaway, you could upgrade your seat from economy to first-class so a travel time of 15 hours won’t bug you that much. You could also spend your miles on booking a hotel room, renting a car, or including a stopover on your flight so you will have more places ticked off your travel bucket list.

One more very important tip- do not be afraid to ask. It’s quite known in the world of travel how airlines don’t necessarily post all their offers on their websites so it’s best to ask via phone or email. You could also have a nice chat with people you know who use their miles frequently; after all, you’d get more valuable information from someone who knows that system like the back of their hands. However, if want to know which travel packages we have you can use with your miles, just give us a call!