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Manila and its Southern Outskirts

Summer is almost here  and you just can’t wait to bathe under the scorching sun. Coron, Cebu, and Boracay are one of the most famous destinations in the Philippines where you can just flaunt and daunt. Travelling in the Philippines seems like heaven-sent as you travel along the many islands of the Philippines. However, your ticket to paradise still have some downsides. Comprised of more than See More

Philippines: Where to scuba dive

Philippines is known not just for the hospitality of the Filipino people but also its islands that make up some of the world's best tropical destinations for dream holidays. Being an archipelago allowed this country to continuously capture the attention of tourists on a global scale with its breathtaking beaches, scuba dive spots and other natural wonders. Of course, when it comes to booking a See More

Philippine Odyssey- The 11-night trip and travel

Who says you only need to visit one place when you go for a well-deserved getaway? Experience the best Philippines has to offer through an 11-night trip to not just one, not just two, but FOUR best tropical vacation destinations in this wonderful archipelago! Remember, the purpose of travel is to collect as many unforgettable memories as possible and with this Philippine Odyssey trip, you will See More

Sun, Sand, Sea, and Surfing in Siargao

Fine white sand, enchanting lagoons, majestic caves, out-of-this-world sandbars, lush coral reefs, bizarre rock formations, exotic wildlife, endless rice fields, astonishing waterfalls, and a large mangrove reserve are what comprises of the Surfing Mecca of the Philippines. Located about 800 kilometers southeast from the Manila, Siargao continues to attract travelers from all around the world. See More

The ultimate Cebu food experience

Aside from the energetic vibes and lively celebrations that Cebu brings, it is also known to be a place where you’ll gain weight with no regrets whatsoever. The Queen City of the South, along with its historic churches, fine white sands, and free-spirited people, boasts of its world class cuisine found nowhere else in the world. As Cebu food is central to the Philippine’s oldest city, prepare See More

Three must-attend festivals in the Philippines

It’s no secret that Filipinos love to have fun and get together. With their assigned food in hand, most Filipinos living in the United States usually gather in one place to celebrate and give thanks for the blessings they have received. But how do Filipinos rejoice in their own native land? Here are three festivals in the Philippines you need to experience to know the true nature of Filipinos. See More

Top 3 must-visit quirky cafes in Baguio

Philippines is popular for three main things- the beaches, the people, and the food. This archipelago continues to be one of the top holiday travel destinations if a tropical vacation is what you are looking for to escape the chilly weather back home. However, there is also a spot in this country that locals and tourists go to if they prefer the sweater weather, and that is Baguio. See More

What to do in Bohol

Home of the cute Tarsiers, Bohol is serene but adventurous version of the entire archipelago. The endless possibilities found in Bohol will not only calm your screaming tired soul but also awaken the sleeping adrenaline junkie within. Listed below are four things you must not miss when in Bohol. 1. Exploring Loboc River Surrounded by captivating rainforests, Loboc River is a jaw-dropping See More

Top three summer destinations in Palawan

January has ended so it's only natural that you and your friends are starting to plan ahead for this year's #SummerGoals. No worries, Philippines doesn't come short in tropical holiday destinations that would make your summer a time to remember. If you consider yourself a traveler, then the wonderful 7,107 islands of this country are probably part of your travel bucket list. But the very first See More