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7 Must-See Churches in the Philippines: Plan an Easter Experience

Lent, Holy Week, and Easter Sunday are celebrated by Christians around the world, but in the Philippines, it’s different. More than 80 percent of Filipinos are Catholic. Their traditions have influenced the culture and whole communities celebrate together. For travelers interested in observing these holy days, it’s an ideal time to visit the Philippines. Plan a spiritual experience with See More

Take a Jeepney to a Pineapple Farm: A Bucket List for Traveling the Philippines

Have you been saving and searching for a dream vacation? Well, stop searching, because we’ve got a bucket list full of the best things to do in the Philippines that’ll have you booking your flight in no time. For the Avid Hiker The Philippines consists of 7,641 islands with a tropical maritime climate–which means it’s warm and humid the majority of the year. The extensive coastlines and See More


The Department of Tourism - Philippines is excited to host the freediving workshops of world champion Guillaume Néry this July and August, 2017. There would also be a meet and greet for fans in See More