4 reasons why you must go to Davao

Referred to many nicknames such as “Crown Jewel of Mindanao” and “Durian Capital of the Philippines”, Davao never falls short of tourists’ expectations. As one of the largest and multicultural cities in the Philippines, the vibrant city offers so much more than just aesthetic landscapes and mouth-watering food. If you’re still a bit skeptic, check out these five reasons why you must go to Davao.

1. Out of this world escapades

Davao takes pride in preserving its majestic natural wonders. You could go as high as the highest mountain in the Philippines, Mount Apo or as the deep as the most profound waters of Samal Island. If you’re feeling like knowing more about wildlife preservation, it gladly offers their Philippine Eagle Center which holds the rare but endangered species of the Philippines like the monkey-eating eagle. Davao offers different kinds of attractions that would cater to everyone’s taste.

2. Rich Culture

To personally feel the true spirit of Dabawenyos, a tourist should experience Kadayawan sa Dabaw, a festival which displays the citizens colorful and dynamic thanksgiving celebration of life and nature’s blessings. There are also a number of museums and craft centers in the area where you could experience and relive history first-hand. Drop by at the T’boli Weaving Center. The T’boli is one of the Philippines’ surviving ethnic tribes who are famous for their skills in brass casting and traditional weaving of the T’nalak cloth using fibers from abaca plant.  The center was built to promote the tribe’s culture and to preserve their art.

3. Sumptuous food

As traveling is most likely all about food, Davao will please your taste buds with delicacies not available elsewhere. Since it is mostly surrounded by waters makes fresh and raw seafood available everywhere inexpensively. If an authentic local dining experience is what you’re after, at Roxas Night Market, vendors sell everything from finger food to complete meals freshly prepared before your eyes at a very low cost. Visit the Philippines’ first Chocolate museum in Malagos Garden Resort and try Davao’s award-winning bean-to-bar cacao treats. Lastly, one cannot leave Davao without tasting its number one delicacy, the widely-debated Durian. Do not be discouraged by its strong pungent odor as Durian has a truly unique taste that might or might not satisfy your taste buds. Try it for yourself and check the “eat a peculiar fruit” off your bucket list.

4. The People of Davao

Dabawenyos, as Filipinos, are certainly hospitable. Complementing the warm and nice climate, its people are so friendly that most, if not all, will greet you with a smile. Strike a conversation or two with some of the locals and delight yourself as you create memories why Davao is the one of the best places you’ll never forget.

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