Welcome to the World’s Best Diving Destination

SCUBA diving is a highly-developed industry in the Philippines. Divers and non-divers will enjoy the facilities and amenities available in the wide choice of special destinations. Couple this with the exceptional quality of service and unpretentious hospitality of the Filipino people and a visit to The Philippines becomes a sublime experience.

Your Philippine Dive Team welcomes you to this wonderful world.


The Philippines has always been a dive destination favorite and with new resorts on new island destinations popping up along with the tried and true, it is becoming one of the most popular places in the diving world to visit. Toss in reasonable prices and a normally favorable exchange rate for most of the world’s leading currencies and you have a real gem dive destination to explore.

The country has remained stable and a favorite for travelers. Above water is as luxuriant as below creating a natural sensory overload. And, there are cultures within cultures here. It is a fascinating country to dive and visit.

Diving History

In the Philippines, the birth of sport diving is generally said to have taken place in Anilao, which is still a popular dive destination to this day. The pioneering Aquatropical Divers opened in 1966 and scuba tourism was born. That makes sport diving here one of the earliest founded anywhere on the globe. Since then, the sport has blossomed, expanding to areas like Puerto Galera and now pretty much all across the country. Divers used small traditional outriggers back then to get to the dive sites and many beach dive areas were found.


Now, the Philippines still offers outriggers, but these are custom-made for diving. They are quite large and comfortable with plenty of room to relax, to walk around, to put dive and camera gear and to get dressed. These boats have modern safety features as well as toilets, small kitchens and covered cabins. And modern dive boats are being introduced. While growing in spurts over the decades, the industry in the last ten years has seen phenomenal growth. Modern facilities and beautiful resorts combined with excellent multi-lingual training beckon divers from all over the world. Many local guides are highly certified, excellent marine life spotters and extremely qualified divemasters and instructors.

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