TOPIC            The Travel Landscape of the Filipino Americans

GOAL             To know the customer journey of the Filipino Americans

TARGET        Young Filipino American Entrepreneurs or Individuals (ages between

21 and 45 years old and a resident of the U.S), Community Leaders

BACKGROUND. The Philippine Department of Tourism San Francisco through Ms. ZenyPallugna is conducting a marketing research on The Travel Landscape of the Filipino Americans: A Destination Marketing Model for the Philippines in the New Normalfrom August to September 2021.It aims to generate primary data on Filipino Americans’ travel preferences, perceptions, and sentiments. It will also map their customer journey from travel planning to decision-making to increase demand or visitation to the Philippines. The inputs of theparticipants of the focus group discussion (FGD) or individual interviews will be valuable in crafting the marketing program of the Philippine Department of Tourism in the U.S. Simultaneously, the PDOT San Francisco is also conducting an online survey to generate primary data on the Filipino Americans’ travel landscape using this link –

Q1:      As a Filipino American traveler, what type of destination photos, stories or narratives and experiences on social media which captures your interest – such as something that is absolutely special or magical about the trip, or using voices of the local people who can tell you the hotspots, the cool spots, the iconic spots, or local stories with emotional resonance?

Q2:      Do you think destination stories and experiences will attract or inspire you to plan,

book a trip, and spend your holiday in a destination like the Philippines? Why?

Q3:      As a Filipino American traveler, how could we reach out to you and know your thoughts about destinations? What kind of communication channels or social media will we be using to communicate with you effectively and efficiently?

Q4:      As a Filipino American traveler, what would be your customer journey — from

inspiration or awareness (searching places to go or visit), action or purchase

(searching for flights, hotels, and car rental or tours), to advocacy (sharing your

experiences through social media or family and friends and buying again)?

Q5:      As a Filipino American traveler, what are your travel sentiments in terms of safety

and health protocols in a destination, travel restrictions or travel advisories of the

destination, and your readiness to travel to your preferred destination?