Manila and its Southern Outskirts

Summer is almost here  and you just can’t wait to bathe under the scorching sun. Coron, Cebu, and Boracay are one of the most famous destinations in the Philippines where you can just flaunt and daunt. Travelling in the Philippines seems like heaven-sent as you travel along the many islands of the Philippines. However, your ticket to paradise still have some downsides. Comprised of more than 7,800 islands, it would be hard to spring from one place to another unless you have the time and the resources. Good thing there are world class destinations a few hours from Manila. Go down south of Central Luzon and experience accessible world class destinations without spending too much of your time!


Located Southeast of Metro Manila, Laguna is engulfed in rich culture, nature and plenty of attractions you could discover yourself. The promising destination is home to Pagsanjan falls, Mount Makiling, Paete wood carvings and hot springs. If you’re fond of a serene atmosphere where you could contemplate about life, Lake Pandin offers a calm adventure and you may even dine in the middle of the lake with your special someone. Make sure not to miss Villa Escudero for you to get the extreme dining experience of eating your food by the waterfalls.


Tagaytay is the most popular choice among locals looking for a cooler climate. Its chill atmosphere, refreshing sights and outstanding restaurants offer an easy escape from a buzzling city life. People who are in dire need of a quiet time alone deserves this haven called Tagaytay. One can drop by Palace in the Sky, situated on top of Mt. Sungay where you could overlook and enjoy the interesting landscapes. Another noteworthy spot is Tierra de Maria which is an ideal place for some internalization and spiritual healing. It is famous for its 50-foot tall statue of Virgin of Manaoag and its smaller replica at the foot of the statue. Several vantage points are available for you to visit and be amazed with the overlooking views that can be seen in Tagaytay.


Having one of the longest coastlines in Southern Luzon, Batangas offers a variety of beaches perfect for your travel adventure. Batangas is known to have it all – centuries-old architecture, a volcano within a lake, pristine beaches, diverse marine life and everyone’s favorite, irresistible delicacies. Adventure tours in Batangas include island hopping with impressive shorelines and well-preserved heritages. If you want a bit of both, you can drop by the myth-like Fortune Islands especially known for its limestone cliff. An underwater adventure to see the surreal views below the surface will certainly blow you away!

Enjoy the beauty of the Philippines with these provinces and secure yourself with the best tropical vacation without the expense of your time! Contact our travel experts and embark on another meaningful journey.