Webinar Pilot Episode Terms of Reference

I. Objectives

To engage the services of a creative agency capable of providing all the requirements needed for the development and production of audio-visual presentation materials for webcast of Team America. This medium is being produced to support Team America’s goals in helping the Department of Tourism (DOT) increase tourist arrivals through marketing and promoting to the US based travel agents.

II. Scope of Work

1) Research
2) Script writing
3) Storyboard
4) Shooting
5) Recording
6) Music
7) Editing

III. Creative Guidelines

1) Overall ‘look and feel’ should inject elements of the current running campaign – “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign for cohesiveness while upholding a definitive character of featured destinations

2) Program flow should be able to present and sell to the travel agents and their millennial target groups – the Philippines’ Top Destinations

3) Segments should include the following:
– Introduction to the webinar series (attaché talking heads)
– Top 10 Destination Highlights (Scenic Spots and Activities)
– Infographics (World Map vis-à-vis USA Map, Philippine Map, International Gateways and Destinations – Preferably the National Carrier – PAL’s routes)
– Presenter’s Profiles for Q & A (Still Photo and character generated IDs)
– Closing
• Forthcoming Webinar Billboard
• Bumpers: DOT TVC and PAL TVC

• DOT to validate the copy text presented to ensure the veracity of data / information
• DOT to provide access to existing photographs (agency to charge additional image bank expenses when necessary)

IV. Mandatory Inclusions

1) Copyright clause: Produced by the by the DOT NY Office © 2018 All Rights Reserved
2) Complete contact details of Team Americas (LA, SFO and NY)
3) Its More Fun in the Philippines Logo
4) DOT logo

V. Coverage

1) Manila
2) Baguio / Banaue
3) Ilocos
4) Puerto Galera
5) Palawan
6) Boracay
7) Cebu
8) Bohol
9) Davao
10) Siargao


1) Running time – 10 to 15 minutes
2) Script to Screen
3) High Definition (HD)
4) Webcast & Broadcast Quality

VII. Deliverables

Supplier to deliver the following requirements on January 15, 2018:
1) 1 set, 10 to 15 minutes webinar AVP for webcast / streaming
2) 1 set, 3 to 4 minutes edit down version for playback ( for use at presentation meetings)


1) Reputable creative advertising agency with at least 5 years experience in business
2) PhilGEPs member
3) With an extensive background specializing in Philippine travel and tourism communications and video productions

IX. Approved Budget

The development and production of the 2017 New York Office Marketing Budget amounting to FOUR MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND PESOS ONLY (Php 4,500,000.00) or equivalent to NINETY THOUSAND DOLLARS ($90,000.00).

X. Schedule of Deliveries & Payments

First Tranche Upon Signing of Contract 75% $ 67,500.00
Second Tranche Upon submission and completion of requirements 25% $ 22,500.00

XI. Payment Procedure

Government procedure – Send Bill Arrangement

XII. Evaluation Procedure

The winning bid shall be selected not solely based on the amount of bid but the DOT NEW YORK OFFICE shall also consider the creative presentation, coverage and content of the proposal for the above requirements.

XIII. Contact Person

Susana J. Del Mundo
Tourism Attache
Department of Tourism – New York

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