Sun, Sand, Sea, and Surfing in Siargao

Fine white sand, enchanting lagoons, majestic caves, out-of-this-world sandbars, lush coral reefs, bizarre rock formations, exotic wildlife, endless rice fields, an astonishing waterfall, and a large mangrove reserve are what comprises the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines”. Located about 800 kilometers southeast from the Manila, Siargao continues to attract travelers from all around the world. Known for its Cloud 9 and unique surfing spots, Siargao has so much more to boast that would demand you to look beneath the surface. If you’ve always dreamed of spending your valuable time undisturbed by noisy vendors and tourists alike, Siargao is the best tropical vacation for you.


Siargao is undoubtedly home to the best surfing destination out of thousands of islands of the Philippines. On this sought-after island, you’ll find the greatest concentration of surfing in the Philippines and among the best in the world. There are a lot of well-known surfing spots such as Cloud 9, the 8th best surf spot in the world, where one could enjoy the perfect right hand reef break. Right next to Cloud 9 is Tuason’s Point where adrenaline junkies could enjoy better due to its powerful waves that break really hard. If you would like to learn surfing, Siargao offers surfing spots for beginners where you could train until you become more confident to surf at more advanced sites.

Island Hopping

Despite being called the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, Siargao provides more than just a surfing destination. Just off the shores of Siargao are three spectacular islands that would bring an island-hopping experience to a whole new level. A usual first stop would be Naked Island where a 200-meter-long sandbar is surrounded by turquoise waters and fine white sand. Dotted with innumerable coconut palm trees, Daku Island is the ideal place to eat fresh seafood and swim afterward. On the other hand, Guyam Island is a small island, quite similar to an island in the Maldives, where you can be a beach bum or explore the marine life through snorkeling. A side trip to Sugba Lagoon to catch a glimpse of breathtaking views not available elsewhere. There, you can dive in crystal blue waters, use a stand-up paddle or check one off your bucket list through swimming with stingless jellyfishes.

The other side of Siargao

Besides the uninhabited islands and jaw-dropping marvelous waves of Siargao, it’s also home of fine beaches and waterfalls. Visiting beaches such as Alegria and Burgos can be an ideal way for you to immerse among locals. It is a favorite hangout among local kids so interacting with them can give you a more personal interaction in getting to know their culture. If you’ve had enough of saltwater, drop by Taktak falls for a dip in its fresh cold water. Contrary to loud waves of surfing spots, Taktak falls gives a soothing sound for you to relax and release stress.

Natural Wonders

Surrounded by amazing rock formations lies Magpupungko Pool, a natural pool that stretches out to the sea and is shielded from the Pacific Ocean by a reef barrier. The pool itself is calm and clear, and perfect for those who want to experience a milder form of waters. The water is incredibly clear in all shades of blue, green, and everything in between that will certainly invite you in. Aside from Magpupungko pool, Bucas Grande or also known as Sohoton Cove National Park is another site you ought not to miss. It is composed of a network of limestone islands, most still unexplored by many. No one can induce the unbelievable medley of nature as powerful as Bucas Grande. It is a stunning paradise waiting to be discovered.

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