More Fun in the Philippines

With more than 7,600 islands ripe for exploration, Philippines does not come short of peaks to conquer. Yes, you read that right, this amazing archipelago is not just an enclave of white sand beaches but also a treasure chest of magnificent mountains, hills, and volcanoes. Here is where you can satisfy your wanderlust as you let the breathtaking panoramic views of the country keep you climbing back up.

Just like the islands that make up Philippines, its land formations are vast gardens of rich flora that serve as natural homes to even more colorful fauna. Choosing to trek on the slopes is choosing to experience a journey unlike no other- it’s choosing to know nature at its rawest, best form, it’s rediscovering reasons to love and care for Mother Earth, it’s getting the chance to be close to the skies even with both your feet on the ground.

So whether you’re an amateur or experienced hiker, here are the top six peaks you shouldn’t miss when you visit Philippines