The ultimate Cebu food experience

Aside from the energetic vibes and lively celebrations that Cebu brings, it is also known to be a place where you’ll add some pounds with no regrets whatsoever. The Queen City of the South, along with its historic churches, fine white sand beaches, and free-spirited people, boasts of its world-class cuisine found nowhere else in the world. As Cebu food is central to the Philippine’s oldest city, prepare yourself for a food experience that will leave you literally breathless, for eating too much. Check out these 4 must-try foods you need to get your hands on.


If you’ve heard of the crowd-favorite Adobo, then meet Cebu’s very own version of it. Contrary to adobo where the meat and flesh is fried or boiled, Humba is braised to perfection to help tough cuts of meat become tender. What sets Humba apart from Adobo is its distinct ingredients making it perennial. Commonly cooked with salted black beans, brown sugar, banana blossoms and other aromatics. Where else can you taste a dish sweet, salty and sour all at the same time?


Do not be confused with the FilipinoSpanish delicacy as Cebu takes this delectable dish to a whole new level. People in Manila can find Pochero a bit similar to a Tagalog dish called Bulalo where both have beef broth best eaten during a cold rainy day. The light and fragrant beef stew from Cebu has this very tender beef shank to the point that it doesn’t need a knife to pry it away from the bone marrow. The mouthwatering dish will make you crave for its litid (meat tendon) and meat that just simply melts in your mouth. Pro tip: Drop by Kusina Uno, the 24-hour restaurant that serves the best Pochero in town.

Tuslob Buwa

If you want to spend less while making the most out of the Cebuano cuisine, then Tuslob Buwa comes to your wallet’s rescue. Literally means ‘dipping in froth’ in Cebuano dialect, the simple but tasteful dish is comprised of minced pork liver, innards, and brain sautéed to perfection. Don’t be discouraged as this dish doesn’t taste as bad as it sounds. Dipping pieces of puso, rice wrapped in weaved palm leaves, into the resulting froth makes up its ensemble. People from all walks of life will definitely enjoy this savory dish.


Considered as the Philippine’s best, Lechon Cebu simply cannot be skipped on this list. The queen city of the south does not take cooking Lechon lightly as it has to have a salty red crispy skin and tender hunky meat before complementing it with a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar. Sometimes it’s so tasty that dipping it in sauces would no longer be needed. The heart and core of Cebu’s cuisine is something you should never ever miss, even people from other provinces visit Cebu just to have a bite of its lechon.

Now that you know there’s more to Cebu than just majestic islands and fun-filled festivals, contact our travel partners to ensure your next vacation is filled with gastronomic delights you’ll surely brag to your friends.